The Left Hand Path

by Damage Therapy

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released May 17, 2019


all rights reserved



Damage Therapy Lexington, Kentucky

Founded and inspired within the deep roots of psychedelic and experimental rock, Damage Therapy draws their unique sound from a slew of modern music niches ranging everywhere from Southern Gothic sounds such as 16 Horsepower and Slim Cessna's Auto Club to riff heavy, stoner influenced stylings such as Kyuss and Clutch.

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Track Name: Who Knows.
Who knows

Well, I saw her on down by the riverside
Where she’ll be out walking till the end of time
Until that end chews you up and eats you alive,
Who knows?
Lord knows
I saw her out walking that left-hand side
She was foaming at the mouth with her rage and pride
She's saying, “Baby, I'm wanting to be your bride, and who knows?”
Lord knows
She's my fire, my one desire
She's the one, eternal flame, and I
I will live that woman til the day I die,
And who knows?
Lord knows
Here she comes now dressed in white
You know everyone wants to see the light
Except for me, I'll be walking with her tonight,
And who knows?
Lord knows
Come over here and sit down by the fire
She'll tell you that you are her heart’s desire
But somewhere out in the night, there lies a beast
And it lays…
Well, I saw her on down by the water's edge
By the water's edge, that's where I bled
And I just can't remember what she said,
So who knows?
Lord knows
And here she comes now dressed in red
It's the blood of a thousand angels, dead
And I just can't remember what she said,
So who knows?
Lord knows
Track Name: Messiah of Love
Messiah of Love

She’s got a crooked smile
Comes over me every once in a while
She can’t even hold her tongue
She’s trash talking everyone, I said
She’s had enough of me, I
Think I finally might be free, but
Oh no, here she comes
I tell you boys, you’d better run
Here she comes that messiah of love
The kind of love your parents warned you of
Make way for the lion and the ram and the dive
All hail
Come on down to the riverside
She says she don’t want war
But I’ve killed for her beforeAnd yeah, I’d do it again
I’d even kill my closest friends, well
She’s had enough of me, I
Think I finally might be free, but
Oh no, here she comes
I tell you boys, you better run
I saw her down by the creek bed
I saw her writing on the walls just the other day
I seen her face in the fire
It’s going down where the dark horse plays, yeah
I don’t need no Eye of Horus
I don’t need no Staff of Ra, honey, I ain’t blind
I seen you dancing in the forest
Coming out for a place just beyond
Come on down the riverside
My baby, she’s gonna get baptized
She don’t want to hurt no one
Track Name: Isabel

You speak so loud, but you don’t make a sound
She got all hell-fire unfurling around
You want to scream, but you know you’ll be found
She’s Isabel - and in her darkness abounds
She’s got her hand on the hilt of the blade
She gonna show you how babies are made
She marched in the dark arts Macy’s Day parade
She’s Isabel - Come let her show you the way
Out on her own, and she’s keeping it real
She’ll open up one through six of the seals
Boy, she’s got ways of making you feel
She’s Isabel - Come and taste of her steel
They say she’s going where no man can go
She’s getting blood on the yellow brick road
You think you know, but you don’t really know
She’s Isabel - No watch her go it alone
I know you feel it
Yea, ‘cause I can feel it to
She’s coming round
She’s coming round
Track Name: Vermillion Blues
Vermillion Blues

The sky ain’t grey - And the seas ain’t blue
I’m seeing red - Baby I’m feeling you
Under the gun - And over it too
I got what they call - The vermillion blues
Not here to stay - Not here to move
Not here to win - Not here to lose
I’m seeing red - And I’m feeling you
I-m seeing red - But I’m feeling blue
I’m bleeding mercury
That cold, black water is coming over me
She was the devil’s daughter
I bet the devil doesn’t know about me
I bet the devil doesn’t know
I bet the devil doesn’t know about me, anymore
I bet the devil doesn’t know about me
I bet the devil doesn’t know
I look kind of silly when I hang from the tree
But I bet the devil doesn’t know…
Come to me, Lucifer
We’re gonna show you how it’s done
Track Name: Walk of the Eldamorph
Walk of the Eldamorph

Who is it who picks up time by the handful?
Yea, he scoops up the sand with his hand
And he knows that his kingdom has come
He was there before it all began
Oh, I could feel it more when I was younger
Before the coming of man
Must be something down here in the water
That’s been taking a shining to land
Oh, I can feel it running shivers down my spine
Oh, I can feel it in the catacombs of time
I can feel it like the gaze of a thousand eyes
Oh, I can feel it calling me
Who stalks through the halls
Who’s that walking down the hollows
Trying all the doorknobs
Knocking at the windows
Is he the Adam of his own race
The people of the shadow
The ogre in the swamp
He ain’t got no eyes - He ain’t got no heart
He’s coming to tear your soul apart
He’s gotten his fingers in the door
You can’t escape the Eldamorph
He’s gonna chew you to the bone
He’s gonna drive the hammer home
Oh, he’s gonna part the veil in two
The Eldamorph is on the move
Before the coming of man…
I was sleeping at the bottom
Now I’m awake and alive
Then I step into the shadows
Hidden away in the night
Track Name: Zachariah

Judas is dead, but he’s coming back to life…

And he’s liking what he sees
With you all down on your knees
And your hands pressed toward the sky
You’re asking why
Why you’ve taken all our land
Left our men and children dead
And we’d just like to make it home alive tonight
And now we say, “oh here he comes, that beast of Eden
“Coming like a snake right down the aisle”
And, oh, he’s gonna wreck you in the garden
You won’t even have the time to see him smile
Oh, Zachariah!
Well, when he was on the lamb
He swam from sea to shining sea
Then he crawled out onto his belly and started to breathe
Then he crawled til he could stand
On one good foot and one wooden leg
Zachariah by the skin of his teeth
And now all the people say, “All hail, Messiah!”
And here he comes now on his faithful steed
He ain’t no simple Jeremiah
Come on, Zachariah, from the river Galilee
Judas is dead…
Where’s he at?
Track Name: Dead Don't Love
The Dead Don’t Love

It might be your pleasure, but it’s my pain, Oh lord
Trying but I can’t spit out your taste, now girl
Howling til I can’t pronounce your name anymore
I said, Something’s gotta give, ‘cause I can’t take no more
They lying, complaining, but the dead don’t love
They howling, they hating - What are they tired of?
Hell, even you’d admit they’ve probably had it rough
They’re saying, “Something’s gotta give, because I’ve had it enough”
The dead - The dead don’t love
Because they’re dead - And they don’t love
I found you in a hallowed place we left too soon
How we ended up right here under the light of the pale moon
Well, I don’t even know, but I can only assume
We’ll be at the gates of hell about half past noon
The choir of the damned, they’re on the morning news
Heard that once they woke the devil, but he hit the snooze
Me, I’m going down to join them, ‘cause I lost my muse
I’m saying, Something’s gotta give and I got nothing left
Track Name: Sink, Poseidon.
Sink, Poseidon

First by the fire, then by the blood, they
Come from the water - They come from the mud
Down by the docks, and - Around by the sea, they’re
Coming for you - They’re coming for me
Out of the shadows - Out of the shadows
Out of the shadows, and into the dark light
Into the dark light
I heard when you called my name
Everything around me was blank (Then the water came pouring in)
And I heard when you called me out
Now hear me as you sink into your grave
But out of the mountain
You call me by my name
By the blood of the ancient
By the blood of the ancient one
Sink, Poseidon…

Don’t you ever call my name
Don’t you ever call my name, again
Don’t you ever call my name

Sink, Poseidon

Come on in, and get sanctified…

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